Doctor of Ministry in Practical Theology

The Doctor of Ministry in Practical Theology (D.Min) is the highest level professional degree that prepares ministry professionals for effective, full-time ministry.

The Doctor of Ministry in Practical Theology (D.Min) is the highest level professional degree that prepares ministry professionals for effective, full-time ministry.

the DOCTOR OF Ministry in Practial Theology

The Doctor of Ministry in Practical Theology program is a customized degree that focuses upon theological studies with an emphasis in church growth and evangelism, worship, fivefold ministry, leadership and business, and pastoral care ministry. This degree is a professional doctorate that will emphasize skills used in a practical ministry setting. The degree assists the leader in improving their leadership, personal disciplines, and congregational growth. This degree requires a ministry project or dissertation and a doctoral board defense.


The Doctor of Ministry in Practical Theology program contains the equivalent of 60 credit hours. These 60 credit hours are comprised of 20 required courses. Prerequisites for this program include Introduction to Greek I and II and Introduction to Hebrew I and II.


This course will explore the symbolism of the cross in Christianity and its implications to the Kingdom of God. Students will understand the cross from the Old and New Testament, looking at the cross of Christ as a transitory symbol of the Kingdom of God, not the essence.This course will challenge students to rethink their interpretation of scripture and the salvific experience based upon a Kingdom perspective that highlights the crown of Christ as the greatest symbol of the Kingdom of God.

This course explores the importance of sharing the gospel message through the power of the Holy Spirit. This course will examine the release of God’s power through signs and wonders to refresh, renew, heal, and equip His people. Students will be taught the importance of being filled with and being obedient to the Spirit so they might more effectively evangelize the lost and withstand spiritual opposition.

This course will provide a practical perspective to biblical Kingdom Education. Students will focus on what it means to have a relationship with the loving God of the Universe and the method of passing on His precepts to our children and grandchildren. The course will deal with large issues like philosophy, methodology, curriculum, and evaluation, but in such a way that they will be easily understood and mastered by anyone with a willing and teachable heart. You will also gain practical tools like overviews, lesson plans, assessments, and access to many resources for your Kingdom education utilization and application. The goal is that you use this as a beginning point to develop your own enriched biblical curriculum using whatever starting point you have at hand. This course is designed to assist you in how to make any standardized curriculum Kingdom rich. If you don’t have a curriculum, in this course, you will teach you how to develop one. If you are searching for something more than just the traditional Christian curriculum, then this course is for you!

For decades, leadership theories have emphasized the characteristics, skills, and abilities necessary to be possessed by those who either desire to lead or found themselves in the leadership role. However, increasing emphasis is being placed upon the idea of followership and how it impacts the leadership process. In addition to examining traditional models and theories of leadership, this course will examine the relationship between leadership and followership, will provide practical examples of the models presented, and provide guidance for identifying and modifying individual leadership styles.

What does it take to lead an organization? What systems are required and what roles must exist? What issues have the potential to undermine the success of an organization and destroy it from the inside out? What leadership principles have become obsolete? Which principles continue to stand the test of time and, if adhered to, ensure organizational success?  This course examines the issues that most commonly impact organizations and provides insight and guidance into possible solutions.


In the Doctor of Ministry in Practical Theology, you can develop a cluster of 5 specialized courses around the focus of your studies and dissertation. This specialized cluster can be developed from any of our elective courses. To view the listing of elective courses, click the button below.

Doctor of Ministry in Practical Theology Degree Plan

Each module represents one 8-week session of classes. 20 required courses.


Module 1

  • The Office of the Apostle
  • The Office of the Prophet

Module 2

  • The Office of the Pastor
  • The Office of the Evangelist

Module 3

  • The Office of the Teacher
  • The Fivefold Ministry

Module 4

  • Worship and the Local Church
  • Church Growth I

Module 5

  • Church Growth II
  • Evangelism & Discipleship: Power Evangelism

Module 6

  • Kingdom Education
  • Leadership Theories


Module 7

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Organizational Theory and Design

Module 8

  • Organizational Development
  • Elective

Module 9

  • Elective
  • Elective

Module 10

  • Elective
  • Elective


Recommended Course Schedule
  • 2 courses per session (one session is equivalent to 8 weeks)
  • 12 courses per year
  • With special approval you can get access to take 15 courses per year
8-Week Course Schedule
  • Midterm
  • Final exam
  • Reflection papers from weekend lectures (4 per course)
  • Final paper
  • Weekly “Think Tank” discussions
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How Tuition is Estimated

  • For the Doctor of Ministry in Practical Theology degree, courses are $425 per course.

For additional tuition and fees information, visit Tuition & Fees.

Upon receipt of your application and application fee, your application will be reviewed by the Academic Committee. Following the recommendations of the Academic Committee, an Admission Counselor will contact you via email with the results and follow up actions.

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