New Students


We are blessed to have you as a student. We are expecting great things for your life during your study with us and for years to come. Your preparation for ministry is a very serious responsibility and must not be treated lightly. It is important that you realize that the time you invest in training at the Kingdom Theological Seminary will shape the course of your future effectiveness in life and ministry.

It is our mission to train and equip workmen for God’s Kingdom through the study of His Word. The education you will receive at KTS is not just for consumption, it is a tool to be used to benefit the Kingdom of God. As a new student, you will receive from your training at KTS exactly what you put in. If you apply yourself diligently to your studies and to your personal and spiritual development, you will leave KTS ready to stand firm in the ministry in which the call has called you.

“Do all you can to present yourself to God as someone worthy of his approval, as a worker with no need to be ashamed, because he deals straightforwardly with the Word of the Truth.” – 2 Timothy 2:15



The first step is to enroll in your first course in your program. You should have already received your student ID number with your acceptance letter. If you have not received your acceptance letter or student ID, please call us at 281.824.4190 or email us at 

Once you enroll, you will receive your welcome packet via email with more information about your course(s) and contact information if you have any questions.


Please visit our online bookstore. There you will find all of the textbooks for your courses, as well as other books for personal and spiritual development.


You will want to become familiar with the entire website. So look around and click on the links. There is a vast amount of information contained in this site and a lot of information to help you navigate your program. Thank you again for choosing KTS to help you get to your God given goals. We know you will have a great impact in God’s Kingdom.